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The aim of the Irish Judo association is to promote the participation in Judo, in a safe and constructive environment, enabling each participant to achieve their full potential in their selected area of activity within the organisation.


FIS Sport Industry Awards 2015


The Federation of Irish Sport will host the inaugural Sport Industry Awards on 5th November this year at the Smock Alley Theatre, details of which are included below.  NGB's, LSP's, clubs and corporate partners may enter as many of the 12 categories and more details can be found at the event website here: The closing date for entries is 2nd October, however this is likely to be extended next week. The event will be invite only due to the limited space and we will issue invites to members in the coming weeks.

The 12 awards categories are:

1. Established Sport Business
2. Emerging Sports Business
3. Best Mass Participation Event
4. Best International Sports Event
5. Best Activation of a Sport Sponsorship
6. Best Sports Facility
7. Excellence in Media Coverage
8. Best Use of a Social Media Platform
9. Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative in Sport
10. Best Sports Club
11. Best Innovation in Sport
12. Best Global Sports Campaign

Speaking about the awards, the President of the Federation of Irish Sport and Dublin footballer Bernard Brogan said:

“We all know that sport is hugely important to us here in Ireland. However, the contribution that sport makes to the economic life of the country is much less known. Sport is one of the fastest developing sectors here in Ireland and indeed, between 2006 & 2011 there was more growth in the number of people employed as professional athletes or sports officials than in computer related activities. The Federation strongly believes that much more benefit can be derived from the commercial side of sport and to this end have developed the inaugural sport industry awards both to recognise those who have achieved excellence as well as shine a light on the economic contribution of the sector as a whole.”

He continued that “Irish companies such as Teamer have previously been shortlisted for the equivalent awards in the UK and with a growing number of Irish companies for example, Orecco and Kitman increasingly making an impact on the world stage, we feel it is a welcome development to have an appropriate forum in which to acknowledge such enterprises here in Ireland.”

For further information please contact Conn McCluskey 01-6251155 / 083-1285169 /

Crunching the numbers!!


The yearly stats for 2014 have been completed and note a rise of 8.5% in membership from 2013. Well done to all club coaches/chairs for maintaining standards of compliance, it will be a key driver for all sports bodies in the coming years ahead:



CLUBS: 46 (Universities 4 - 2 Dublin 1 Galway 1 Cork)

1 CONNAUGHT (8) 343
2 LEINSTER (17) 722
3 MUNSTER (12) 498
4 ULSTER (9) 546

Minors – 585        (Female 130 Male 455)
Cadets – 1053      (Female 286 Male 767)
Juniors – 94         (Female 21 Male 73)
Seniors – 361       (Female 36 Male 325)
Students – 16      (Female 3 Male 13)


Under 16 – 1638 (77%)

Over 16 – 471 (23%)


476 – Female

1633 – Male

(22.5% Female / 77.5% Male)


1. Yamakwai Judo Club

2. Renbukan Judo Club

3. Oranmore Judo Club

4. Kerry School of Judo

5. Paul Cummins School of Judo

Calendar of Events 2015


The Calendar of Events for 2015 - Provisional has been issued for January - December 2015, as events come to light, additional information will be updated as received.

If any club would like to add events in, please contact the judo office on 016251104.

Calendar of Events 2015 - 1st September 2015


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