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The aim of the Irish Judo association is to promote the participation in Judo, in a safe and constructive environment, enabling each participant to achieve their full potential in their selected area of activity within the organisation.


Crunching the numbers!!


The yearly stats for 2014 have been completed and note a rise of 8.5% in membership from 2013. Well done to all club coaches/chairs for maintaining standards of compliance, it will be a key driver for all sports bodies in the coming years ahead:



CLUBS: 46 (Universities 4 - 2 Dublin 1 Galway 1 Cork)

1 CONNAUGHT (8) 343
2 LEINSTER (17) 722
3 MUNSTER (12) 498
4 ULSTER (9) 546

Minors – 585        (Female 130 Male 455)
Cadets – 1053      (Female 286 Male 767)
Juniors – 94         (Female 21 Male 73)
Seniors – 361       (Female 36 Male 325)
Students – 16      (Female 3 Male 13)


Under 16 – 1638 (77%)

Over 16 – 471 (23%)


476 – Female

1633 – Male

(22.5% Female / 77.5% Male)


1. Yamakwai Judo Club

2. Renbukan Judo Club

3. Oranmore Judo Club

4. Kerry School of Judo

5. Paul Cummins School of Judo

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IJA Active Club Coaches 2014


To all Clubs

The Coaching Commission is reviewing coaching levels in all active affiliated clubs & looking to establish up to date coaching records for each of the affiliated IJA Judo Clubs. Please complete the attached Active Club Coaches - Valid 2014 - information is required for Active Coaches regardless of coaching levels held since the 1st January 2014. If coaches have retired, are injured or not participating actively on the mat since the 1st January 2014 - please do not list them on the attached form, if judoka are assisting with coaching but haven't yet completed a coaching course or are in the process of taking courses, please list them on the form as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office on 01 6251104, the information gathered is vital to the Coaching Commission as they look to advance the Coaching Programme in an efficient manner. If anyone need the form printed & posted, please let the IJA office know & a hard copy will be posted to the relevant club.



Calendar of Events 2015


The Calendar of Events for 2015 - Provisional has been issued for January - December 2015, as events come to light, additional information will be updated as received.

If any club would like to add events in, please contact the judo office on 016251104.

Calendar of Events 2015 - 26th May 2015


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