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Thursday, 15 December 2016 11:44

Draft Constitution - Consultation Process

Written by Deirdre Leonard
To all Clubs/Members

Please find attached the first draft of the new constitution. There are several changes from the current document namely in types of membership, voting rights at AGM/EGM's, size of the Board and make up of the Board. Please read it carefully and if you have any comments or recommended changes send them into the Judo Office. This is the First Draft and the next part of the consultation process.
We have spoken with clubs and members during the Provincial Roadshows, debated changes with members at all judo events and have had former Presidents write several drafts before arriving at this point. We do not expect that this will be the final draft, that will require considered contribution from you, the members. Again I urge you to read it, discuss it and make a considered contribution.

Please submit your ideas/changes/recommendations to the Judo Office on or before Wednesday 21st December 2016.
Sean Fleming
President Irish Judo Association

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